Dory Party games

“Finding Dory” birthday party ideas:

If your child has an undersea obsession like mine does, hosting a Finding DOry or Nemo party is a ton of fun!!  I found so many ocean themed decorations (and even a finding Dory calendar from the dollar store that we pulled apart) that creating an undersea motif was easy-peasy and cheap!  I carefully read through the Finding Dory chapter book with my son, and my teacher-brain couldn’t stop thinking of fun party games and activities based on the theme.  Here are a few to adapt to your own party:

1..Dory hide and seek:  hide a small dory around the yard or house for guests to find.  You may give clues, but you must speak them in “whale!”

2.  Sting ray poker cove:  mark off a large area called “the tank” with cones or paint.  Guest are sting rays in the tank and run around like crazy until the leader yells ‘incoming!’and all sting rays freeze in place.  One person, called the poker, is blindfolded and led in and tries to touch someone.  Sting rays can move to avoid touch, but need to keep one foot in place at all times.  The leader can give the person clues.  First person poked becomes the poker!

3.  Mr. Shark, me. Shark, what time is it?

One person is the shark and stands on the far end, others are in a line far away.  They yell, ” Mr. Shark, Mr. Shark, what time is it?” He answers , such as, “it’s 3 o’clock” and the group all take 3 steps forward.  This is repeated until the shark decides to answer “its lunch time!” The group turns around and tries to run all the way back to the starting line before being caught by Mr. shark!  Whoever gets caught is the next shark. Another version of this would be to replace the shark with Mr. Ray and change “it’s lunch time” to “It’s undertow!”  Kids just love this game…lots of screaming and laughter as they get chased back to the starting line.

4.  Simon says changed to:  DOry says” In a What would Dory do?” Game.

Of course lots of water fun with a Finding Dory party…can’t go wrong there.  Put out some squirt guns, water balloons, and a sprinkler/kiddie pool and the kids will have a blast!

Many more ideas coming!




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